TRIO.BAS™ TRIO Induction

TRIO.BAS™ TRIO Induction


  • This air sampler is for customers who make a large number of controls, in different environments (i.e. cleanrooms), with a large staff rotation and that comply with the quality standards and QM/GMP.
  • The most important customers are pharmaceutical industries (and all others that need to control microbiological air according to the rules GPL and GMP), cosmetics, medical devices, industries that package sterile products for third parties, hospitals, etc.
  • The use of 3 heads allows to carry out 3 samples with different nutrient media at the same time.
  • One of the most interesting applications is the possibility to prepare the sampler at the beginning of operation in the morning and then to obtain the samples “at rest”, “in operation”, “at the end of the working shift” in Cleanroom according to the requests of the regulatory authorities.
  • The battery is recharged by induction without any cable connection between the instrument and the charger.
  • A barcode module, through the use of a scanner (barcode reader) with bluetooth, automatically register the operator, sampling point and plates used for the sampling.
  • The data collected by the barcode reader are trasmitted directly to the instrument. This solution is useful for those who already use culture plates with barcode or 2-D barcode (QR Quick Response Code). The data transfer collected between the air sampler and a PC or laptop equipped with Bluetooth is via Bluetooth. PC or laptop should have a dedicated software (BAS SW) installed.
  • The data may be transferred via cable too. This is helpful for all companies that, due to internal policy, don’t permit the use of wireless transfer.
  • The sampler is free of any external plugs and it is IP65 certified.
  • The 200 lts/min aspiration flow reduces operator time.


  • Light weight, ergonomic and balanced design to facilitate handling with or without gloved hands.
  • Compliant according EN ISO14698
  • Aspirating head with bayonet closure
  • 100 or 200 lts/min flow rate
  • Suitable for 55 Contact plate or 90 Petri dish.
  • Autocalibration
  • IP65 protection from dust and water
  • Cascade passwords
  • Configuration of up to 100 users, 100 sampling places
  • Manual or automatic mode
  • Delayed, remote, start, simultaneous or interval sampling
  • Antibacterial technopolymer shockproof body
  • Bluetooth for data transferring
  • Automatic calibration reminder
  • Induction battery charger (no external connection)
  • Registration up to 1000 cycles
  • Prefixed sampling of 14 volumes
  • IQ, OQ, PQ official documentation
  • SOP documentation
  • Application notes available
  • Prefixed sampling of 14 volumes