BioCen Do Brasil

BioCen Do Brasil

Biocen do Brasil is a company that produces only ready-to-use culture media.

Since its foundation, Biocen do Brasil works to ensure services of the highest quality, envisioning the society’s well being. The commitment of microbiology professional scientists reflects the rising development of innovative products supplied at a national level. Seeking products and services of the highest quality, we have established values that guide our initiatives:

– Implementation of a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 international law requirements and the ANVISA recommended “Boas Práticas de Fabricação” (RDC 16 of 2013)

– Establishment of an information exchange network between public institutions, universities and research centers;

– Development of a scientific team focused on solving market issues and improving work relations.

Biocen do Brasil is an authorized entreprise by ANVISA “Autorização de Funcionamento de Empresa” (AFE) since 06/10/2000 registered as 8.00.443-7.

Scope of action

Get to know some of the areas in which Biocen do Brasil is present, always serving with quality.

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